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X-Trial.TV is the official OTT Platform of the FIM X-TRIAL World Championship that offers you the possibility to watch worldwide all races Live & OnDemand, and also 52' Highlights from each event of the Series, on a wide range of devices connected to the Internet.

1 X-Trial Event VideoPass: 7,99€

2022 X-Trial VideoPass Season: 29,99€

This pass gives you access to only 1 event.

This subscription gives you access to all its content prior to, and not including, the first race of 2023 season

We accept debit or credit cards.

We only use secure payment methods for your data and transactions.

Enjoy Live and OnDemand VideoPass content on PC, Mac, Smartphone and via specific applications for iPad and Android tablets and TV Apps (AndroidTV, AppleTV, FireTV & Roku). Smart TVs which cannot make use of such apps are not supported, so your experience may vary. We cannot assure you it will work. You will be able to view the video contents on any computer or laptop, and on iOS and Android devices, any of those can be connected to your TV with an HDMI cable.

For any commercial inquiry or information, please email us at,we'll get back to you within 12 hours.

X-Trial TV is flexible. You may cancel the subscription at any time, we do not provide annoying contracts. Simply write us an email at requesting to unsubscribe.

Feel free to activate or cancel your account at any time. No penalties.